Our Clients include (partial list):
  Advanced Micro Devices
  Applied Materials, Inc.
  AT&T Wireless Services
  California Casualty
  Campus for Jewish Life
  Institute for Supply Management
  Level One, an Intel Company
  LSI Logic
  Sanford Dental
  Sun Microsystems

  Young Adults Division - JCF


Our Clients say:

"I was first introduced to Randi Brenowitz via a webcast. The topic she was addressing was relevant to our organization (Virtual Teams) and her voice and her presentation engaged me. Afterwards, I learned that another colleague had previously worked with Randi and before long we were talking about how to develop a project for our management development program.

Randi served as an "expert consultant" to our HR organization and she helped us like an "extra set of hands" as we designed an interactive webcast. Our work together resulted in a program that was thoughtfully planned, targeted to meet our objectives, and professionally executed. I found that working with Randi was an enriching experience for all of us involved. I really appreciated Randi's willingness to work with our "best practices" management model, to provide coaching to our managers who became her co-presenters on our webcast, and to make available additional resource material to supplement our training session.

Overall, I found Randi to be extremely resourceful and knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. I think Randi effectively balanced her role with my various responsibilities in the organization and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Randi again!"

    MJ, Assistant Vice-President Human Resources,
    Insurance Company


"I first met Randi Brenowitz when I was working for another company. She did such an excellent job helping us move from a traditional hierarchy to a team-based structure, that when I came here I knew I would retain her again. I am leading a new management team and Randi used her Team Essentials Model to help us create the kind of environment and infrastructure we wanted right from the start."

    M.R., Vice President & General Manager,
    Networking and Telecommunications Corporation


"I was faced with building an HR team that was located at two sites in California and one in Scotland. Brenowitz Consulting's Team Essentials Model helped us clarify what being on a geographically dispersed team meant to us and how we had to modify our perception of teams and team-work. Randi not only helped us form our own team, but made us much better consultants and advisors to our line business partners."

    D.C., Director of Human Resources,
    Computer Systems Corporation


"I have worked with Randi Brenowitz on several occasions in the areas of team building and most recently, executive coaching. Our first encounter was when she got involved to help my boss, the Senior Director of Manufacturing, build a strong manufacturing team in a fast growing, highly dynamic business climate. We were a group of individuals faced with tremendous change, while the business was ramping. Randi was very successful in assisting us to become a team and we ended up as a high performing team! Most recently, she has provided personal coaching to me as I entered the executive ranks. She met with my colleagues, superior, and subordinates to understand my strengths and development areas and helped author my development plan. What I have enjoyed the most in working with Randi is her flexibility in understanding the strategic and the tactical and her knowing when to be strategic or tactical."

    C.M., Director
     Semi-Conductor Equipment Manufacturing Firm


"When one of our members moved across the country and began telecommuting, we had difficulty maintaining our team. Brenowitz Consulting worked with us to identify the implications of telecommuting and to develop protocols and processes that enabled us to keep our standards of high-performance and regular collaboration."

    R.O., President
    Technical Consulting Corporation


"I initially learned of Brenowitz Consulting when becoming involved in a project to shift an organization from a traditional hierarchy structure to a team-based environment. The increased communication and productivity that resulted from the change left a positive impression. When I moved to my current position at another firm, I found many of the same internal issues. I engaged Randi Brenowitz to assist in creating a team-oriented environment within my departments. The change in communication patterns has clearly increased the effectiveness of my teams. This type of behavior shift can be difficult for an organization, and the use of an outside agent makes it much less threatening to employees."

    D.B., Sr. Director of Business Development
    Networking Corporation


"In conjunction with the introduction of a core process for new product development, our company was going through major changes in both managements and business processes. Brenowitz Consulting supported us in the team building aspect of those changes. Randi's support was critical for the program's success. My team was the first to go through the program and Randi worked with us in a very practical and professional way. The results were very enlightening although success did not come overnight. Through the patience and reinforcement that Randi, the engineers on our team showed more understanding and patience when communicating with their colleagues. The clear messages from Brenowitz Consulting were vital to our achieving a new level of collaboration."

    E.E., Vice President, Engineering
    Semi-conductor Company



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