Randi Brenowitz is proud that she has been able to contribute to the fields of team development, collaboration, and management in today's environment.

She presents her publications on those topics:


Workforce Collaboration: Building a Strong Team Foundation (2003)

Virtual Meeting Etiquette (2003)

Teamwork, Not Rivalry Does The Job (2003)

Obliterating Myths about Teams (2003)

The ABCs of Teams (2002)

Jumpstarting High Performance Teams (2002)

How Consultants Help Leaders Get Buy-in (2002)

Team Essentials (2002)

How Leaders Get Buy-In (2002)

Rules Veteran OD Practitioners Know (2002)

The Impact of Downsizing on Corporate Cultures (2001)

Workforce Collaboration: A By-Product of the Technology-Drive Marketplace (2001)

The Design and Management of Geographically Dispersed Teams (2000)

OD Success with Knowledge-Workers (1997)

The Peace Corps Model of OD (1997)

Doing Teams with Knowledge-Workers (1995)

Designing and Implementing Concurrent Development Teams (1994)



Designing & Using a Course in Organization Design to Facilitate Collaborative Learning in the Online Environment (2002)

Trust in Teams-And Why it Matters (2001)


Tools for Teams is the bi-monthly newsletter of Brenowitz Consulting

Issue # 10 - Virtual Performance Reviews

Issue # 9 - Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Issue # 8 - Working Virtually

Issue # 7 - Winning in Fast Times

Issue # 6 - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Issue # 5 - The Knowing-Doing Gap

Issue # 4 - Summer Reading

Issue # 3 - The Change Monster

Issue # 2 - The Attention Economy

Issue # 1 - Effective Influencing

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The following newsletters were published during 1999-2001 by the partners of Millpond Group (Randi Brenowitz & Tracy Gibbons):

Issue #11 - Collaboration in Organizations and Why it's the Only Option

Issue #10 - What to do to Keep Your Head During the Downturn

Issue #9 - Trends in Team Development - What to Do With Large Teams

Issue #8 - Organization Design - Part III - People and Rewards: The Glue that Holds it Together

Issue #7 - Organization Design - Part II - Structure and Process

Issue #6 - What is Organization Design and Why it's a Necessary Competence for Senior Managers

Issue #5 - Trust in Teams

Issue #4 - Team Start Up

Issue #3 - Executive Coaching

Issue #2 - Leadership in Today's Environment

Issue #1- Virtual and Geographically Dispersed Teams



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