Human Resource Professionals are increasingly being called upon as more than just transactional specialists. They are expected to be business partners with the line organization and to enable their clients to manage change, develop teams, and coach executives. In many cases, these are new skills for your HR personnel. The expertise of a senior professional would be a huge help to them.

Brenowitz Consulting can work with your HR team to help them become proficient in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of the business
  • Implementation of new HR programs
  • Management of change
  • Management of culture
  • Team development
  • Developing partnerships with their clients
  • Working with difficult clients

Randi Brenowitz worked as a senior HR professional for over 15 years before starting her own business in 1990. She brings a unique blend of skills--the experience, knowledge, instincts, and political savvy of a successful insider, and the objectivity, neutrality, and balance of a perceptive outsider. Your HR professionals will be more skillful and adaptable after working with her on the real-life concerns of your organization.

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