Executive Coaching is an ongoing, one-on-one relationship that helps you: fine-tune your performance and productivity, clarify your unique value to your organization, become a more effective leader, expand your understanding of organizational power and politics

Executive Coaching is an ongoing, one-on-one relationship that helps you:

  • fine-tune your performance and productivity
  • clarify your unique value to your organization
  • become a more effective leader
  • better understand organizational power and politics
  • increase your enthusiasm for your job

You will benefit from a coach when you:

  • feel stale
  • are under-performing
  • experience the same problem over and over again
  • are receiving troubling feedback from others, directly or indirectly
  • want to take your career to a new level
  • want to modify how you handle particular recurring situations
  • want to improve your interpersonal relationships
  • want to enjoy your job more
  • are working harder without appreciable results
  • feel alone or isolated on the job
  • have already tried everything on your own

Our unique approach to coaching:

  • explores the goals and strategies of both you and your organization
  • is grounded in proven business principles
  • helps you articulate your desired outcomes
  • utilizes the data of comprehensive "360 Interviews"
  • clarifies your relationship to your job
  • creates strategies for personal, managerial, and leadership development
  • identifies formal training activities you may need to complement coaching

Your coach:

  • meets with you at least twice per month for 2 hours per session
  • is available for phone and email support between sessions
  • has experience worked with professionals at companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Applied Materials, and Sun Microsystems
  • is goal oriented
  • is expert in a variety of business environments
  • is a former internal - knows how the politics of organizations work
  • helps you develop goals and desired outcomes for the coaching relationship

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