It's time for all or part of your organization to go off-site for reflection and re-focus. You know that you don't want the participants to sit through endless power-point presentations, but you don't want the meeting to be all "fun and games."

Brenowitz Consulting will help you to:

  • Determine if an off-site meeting is appropriate at this time
  • Clearly define the purpose and goals of the off-site
  • Determine who the right participants are
  • Custom design a meeting with a dynamic combination of presentation, participation, and group discussion.
  • Facilitate the meeting, so all attendees can participate fully and be productive
  • Design and implement follow-up to ensure the on-going attention to the decisions made so that you accomplish your goals

Your off-site meetings will get such good results, people will actually enjoy attending them and your organization will be more productive afterwards.

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