The nation's top companies are assigning an increasing volume of critical work to cross-functional teams. Whether called new product development teams, continuous improvement teams, concurrent engineering teams, or infrastructure teams, these cross-functional teams are the structure of choice for rapid response to the complexities of today's marketplace and technology.

High-performing, cross-functional teams do not get created merely by assembling a group of highly competent individuals. A supportive environment, a clear task, a set of team agreements, and trusted, dependable team members are essential ingredients for the team's success. QuickStart for TeamsSM (QST) will ensure that your organization's cross-functional teams are based on these essential elements.

The goals of QST are to ensure that all members of a team share a commitment to a common vision and to ensure that the appropriate processes and agreements are in place so that the team can solve problems more effectively and move through their work more quickly.

Outcomes of QST are a clear and agreed upon:

  • Charter statement
  • Set of agreements about how the team will function
  • Set of agreements about how they will manage their meetings
  • Roles for the team leader, the team sponsor, and the team members
  • Plans for communication both inside and outside the team (especially with key stakeholders)
  • Plan for how the team will start the actual work they've been chartered to perform

Each QST process is unique to the team that is being started. Although there is a learning component to this process, QST is not a training class.

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