Many organizations are beginning to understand that "command and control" management is not an effective way to lead teams. Managers and supervisors are now being asked to become team leaders. Team leadership requires pulling together a group of people who may be friends, competitors, or simply strangers. It requires dealing with upper management, functional department heads, support groups, and other stakeholders who may or may not support the team's goals.

Many technically trained professionals lack the experience of working effectively in groups or teams. In fact, they often chose their profession because it involved working independently with minimal supervision and interpersonal contact. The doctor, the engineer, the computer scientist, and many other professionals who may prefer to work alone or with limited corporate interference must now lead teams of people with different backgrounds. By asking them to do this, organizations have unintentionally thrown them into a "sink or swim" position.

Brenowitz Consulting provides coaching to these team leaders in the areas of:

  • Group Process Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Delegation and Team Member Empowerment
  • Building Stakeholder Relationships
  • Consensus Decision-Making
  • Orchestrating Communication

It is increased competence in these skills that will make team leaders successful.

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