A new form of teamwork is becoming a key factor in many of America's most successful and competitive organizations. And it is creating some strange bedfellows.

For example:

  • Research scientists are meeting with marketing professionals
  • Design engineers are working with purchasing department staff
  • Cost accountants are teaming up with operations managers
  • Computer programmers and office managers are serving together on systems development teams

In many organizations, eight or more disciplines are working together on cross-functional teams to bring a new product to the marketplace, develop a next-generation computer system, design a new layout for a factory floor, produce an important new drug, engineer a complex telecommunications network, prepare a long-term corporate strategy, or implement a procedure to upgrade service quality.

Some of the greatest challenges to cross-functional team productivity are:

  • Building bridges with senior management
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • Empowering the team
  • Overcoming long-held stereotypes
  • Forging common goals

Brenowitz Consulting provides a proven method for making these teams productive–quickly. We have modified our Quick Start for Teams (QST) and our Team- and Team Leader Coaching programs to specifically meet the needs of cross-functional teams.

Every engagement is always customized to fit the specific needs of your teams and your organization's strategy.

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